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Geovation Challenge: Water

Geovation Challenge: Housing

Geovation Challenge: Active Lifestyles

Geovation Challenge: Environmental Performance

Geovation Challenge: Wales Coast Path

Geovation Challenge: Neighbourhoods

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GeoVation Challenge 2010-11: How can we improve transport in Britain?

Launched in September 2010, this challenge called for innovative ideas, using geographic information and other technology,to help reduce environmental, social and economic impacts of transport.

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GeoVation Challenge 2010-11:How Can Britain Feed Itself?

Launched in June 2010, a challenge to find how geography could play a vital role in helping connect people to farming and locally produced and sustainable sources of food.

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GeoVation Awards Programme 2009 -10.

The GeoVation Awards Programme was launched in October 2009 with the aim of helping people, communities and businesses bring their map-based ideas to life for the benefit of society.

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