Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge

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Recyclopedia – taking the pain out of recycling.

Recycling of food and product packaging is a simple and widely accepted way for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint and their consumption of finite resources. Local authorities in the UK provide recycling services as part of their routine waste collection. However, there are confounding factors surrounding domestic recycling: • Not all materials are recyclable. • Packaging is often made up of various components ...more »


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How can we help British business improve environmental performance?

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Reducing the impact of food consumption and waste using geodata

We have developed a decision making Geotool that helps make more effective and targeted decisions geographically regarding consumption and waste production. The production of food waste by consumers has a high profile environmental impact of up to 100 million tonnes GHG per year (or up to 20% of the whole food system emissions). Food waste is very much the 'elephant in the room' that has had intense current policy focus ...more »


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Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge

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Re:Cycle bike scheme

Recycle is a Newhaven based project which aims to reduce the pressures on landfill waste as it prevents unwanted/unused bicycles being sent to the local waste recycling facility. Recycle will collect from the public any unwanted bikes in whatever condition. The bicycles are then assessed and refurbished to a standard where they are safe to be reused. The refurbishment work takes place in a workshop coordinated by a trained ...more »


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