How can we encourage active lifestyles in Britain?

Rock Operator…discovery is like a walk in the park

Rock Operator is an interactive app which enhances engagement with the outdoors using portable devices. It’s fun and easy and suitable for all the family.

It offers a choice of routes within Holyrood Park and Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh offering games and activities at points of interest along each journey.

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What theme of the Active Lifestyles challenge does your idea address? : Theme 3.Enabling New Behaviours


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Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge

Virtual Reality Walks

Experience the UK's most interesting walks in Virtual Reality, accompanied by a choice of commentaries on the local geology, ecology and history. An educational, recreational and conscious-raising VR experience to enable people who cannot access the walks physically themselves. An educational tool for schools to engage children in the countryside and nurture their emotional investment in protecting our landscape and ...more »

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