How can we encourage active lifestyles in Britain?

Submitted by (@benlowe)

ActiveOS: a map-driven, searchable, activity-events index.

ActiveOS will be a free web resource that will allow anyone to search and find suitable outdoor activity events in their chosen locality. It will provide a national index of all outdoor events from nature walks to triathlons. It will be free to the user and easy to navigate and search. We believe that this resource will help people of all ages and abilities to achieve their physical activity goals (whether this be ...more »


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Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge

Submitted by (@watkin56)

Greenspace Events App

The use of green spaces for events and activities can often go unnoticed and undiscovered in the local area. It is common that people want to try new activities or go to new events but get frustrated searching through the internet or social media. Our idea is to create an app which will act to help discover, promote and attend events. This might include fitness events (yoga, runs, etc.) or events (mass picnics, promo ...more »


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How can we help British business improve environmental performance?

Submitted by (@nailvaliyev)

Social platform for video reviews of places and events is a social platform for video reviews of local businesses and is the 'Timeout' of video review website & apps. for small and medium businesses & the Video App Timeout & Tripadvisor, showing authentic recommendations & point of experience rating through video reviews. stands inbetween Yelp and Viddy featuring social video reviews of businesses, services, places and events. The web and app ...more »


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Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge

Submitted by (@gruff0)

The Right Way Up - Sustainable planning for adventure events

The popularity of adventure events is increasing rapidly throughout the UK with many of these events taking place in and around rural communities. Adventure events include challenges such as the National Three Peak challenge which see tens of thousands of participants every year and events such as those organised by Tough Mudder and Rat Race which see thousands of participants each event. They can also include large scale ...more »


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