Geovation Underground Assets Challenge

Submitted by (@brammallnh)

The Utility Survey Exchange Portal

Utility detection and mapping surveys are commissioned every day by a wide variety of organisations to support feasibility studies, built infrastructure projects, highways work, utility projects and any projects likely to affect, or be affected by, buried services. With the release of PAS128 in 2014 (PAS128:2014 – Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location), a robust and consistent methodology ...more »


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Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge

Submitted by (@pau1miche11)

UK Scale 3D Visual Assessment System for Environmental Planning

Unchecked development threatens the UK’s peri-urban green space, but preventing all rural development inhibits economic growth and exacerbates housing shortages. The main obstacles to such developments are the fears for loss of rural character and visual amenity. However, it should be possible to permit sympathetically designed, sustainable developments, if they can be effectively identified at the planning stage and ...more »


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Geovation Water Challenge

Interactive sandbox and projection mapping for flood management

To create an interactive playbox which mixes layers of physical data with visual animation and feedback. The real-life sand in the box can be played with and the data is fed into the computer. The software processes parameters such as the height of the sand and hand motions made by the users; and then projects back onto the sand visual geographical information, including elevation, contour lines, rainfall and water flow ...more »


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