Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge

Submitted by (@thel33ter)

Eco-operative - Enabling local co-operative energy generation

Renewable energy sources, namely wind and solar power are most suited to small scale, local generation. Decentralised electricity generation at a community level is slowly becoming a reality, with projects like Westmill and the Hepburn Wind Project providing real life success stories. I hope to develop a platform that enables community members to work out the logistics of installing local renewable generation, ranging ...more »


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Geovation Water Challenge

Submitted by (@gustavohinestrosa)

Grease-it / Household cooking oil pick-up service

Could London become the first city in the world massively recycling its household oil? Ideally, we should be all sending our old cooking oil for proper disposal or energy production, avoiding costly blockages to the drains and further pollution. However, unlike restaurants, households do not produce huge quantities of fats which makes it uneconomic and unpractical to organise their proper disposal. If there was an efficient ...more »


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