Geovation Underground Assets Challenge

The Lie of the Land

There is often a disconnect between owners of buried assets and other parties with a stake or an interest in the land which those assets traverse: land owners, governmental agencies, developers, contractors and the public. The land, including its ownership, its uses, its development potential, its relation to the environment and its geophysical properties is, literally and figuratively, the common ground linking these ...more »

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Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge

UK Scale 3D Visual Assessment System for Environmental Planning

Unchecked development threatens the UK’s peri-urban green space, but preventing all rural development inhibits economic growth and exacerbates housing shortages. The main obstacles to such developments are the fears for loss of rural character and visual amenity. However, it should be possible to permit sympathetically designed, sustainable developments, if they can be effectively identified at the planning stage and ...more »

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How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?

Democratising Development

Bringing housing development down to a micro level by identifying small potential plots held by local authorities, housing associations and companies. In combination with the WikiHouse project, open source, easy to build architecture, this could lead to increased development for affordable homes.

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What theme of the Housing Challenge does your idea address? : 2. Availability


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Geovation Water Challenge

Amphibious Home Using Open Source Data

In the UK we will increasingly live on water or work on water due to the increasing effects of climate change. Planning policies are slowly shifting away from building more flood defences due to the continuing rising costs and towards acceptance that seas and rivers cannot be contained forever. Therefore we require innovative solutions when living with floods or on water like other European countries. One solution is ...more »

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Geovation Water Challenge

Theme 4: Ageing Infrastructure - Problem 4.1 Map My Poo

Select a defined geographical area within the geographical boundaries of responsibility of Southern Water or United Utilities with the following characteristics apparent over a 5 year period: A number of rivers and canals with a high quality Environment Agency data set and where incidences of pollution have occurred Notable growth in population numbers and densities Notable change in land use, in particular the conduct ...more »

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