Geovation Underground Assets Challenge

How can we better manage underground assets, in Britain?

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The challenge ran from 19 October to 30 November 2016 (12noon).

Successful finalists (teams) will be invited to Geovation Camp at Ordnance Survey, Southampton 1-3 February 2017

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Theme 1: Asset Location
Theme 2: Asset Management and Maintenance
Theme 3: Stakeholder Impact
Theme 4: Predicting Asset Future

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The best ideas will be invited into funded 6 month Geovation Programme starting Spring 2017, which will include financial, developer and business support and expertise. Its the perfect funded start-up accelerator to get your GeoTech business off the ground .

The Challenge is open to UK based organisations or residents, aged 18 or over.

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Geovation Underground Assets Challenge

The Lie of the Land

There is often a disconnect between owners of buried assets and other parties with a stake or an interest in the land which those assets traverse: land owners, governmental agencies, developers, contractors and the public. The land, including its ownership, its uses, its development potential, its relation to the environment and its geophysical properties is, literally and figuratively, the common ground linking these ...more »


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