Geovation Water Challenge

How can we better manage water use in Britain, sustainably?

This Challenge is now closed. The challenge ran from 1 December 2015 to 27 January 2016 (12noon). The winners of this challenge were:

Refillable Cities
Sustainable Catchments (Natural Flood Mitigation)
Fix our water

Geovation Camp was held at Ordnance Survey, Southampton 4-6 March.

The best ideas won support to research, develop and launch their product or service

The problems were grouped into 5 main themes:

Theme 1: Too little water
Theme 2: Too much water
Theme 3: Poor water quality
Theme 4: Ageing water infrastructure
Theme 5: Water use behaviour

The best ideas were invited into 12 month funded Geovation Programme to include financial, developer, and business support.

Geovation Water Challenge

Refillable Cities: tapwater campaign to reduce marine plastic

Based on the model pioneered by Refill Bristol, Refillable Cities would see every city and town in the UK reduce its dependency on plastic-bottled water. The aim is to change the mindset of the public when it comes to single-use plastics and stem the flow of plastic litter reaching our oceans. Refill Bristol is a practical campaign to make Bristol a city in which refilling your water bottle becomes a cultural norm, ...more »


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Geovation Water Challenge

National map of opportunities for natural flood mitigation

Create a national map of the areas where ‘natural’ flood mitigation measures (e.g. meandering, afforestation, drain blocking, restoring wetlands and washlands etc.) might be employed whilst minimising the impact on existing economic activities. The map would use topographic, land cover and soils data, coupled with agricultural and urban land use information, to rate the opportunity value. This could be extended by mapping ...more »


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