How can we help British business improve environmental performance?

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What are the barriers to businesses easily improving their environmental performance?

How can we help business see the value in their waste? How can communities and businesses work together, irrespective of geography and social demographic?

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The best ideas can win a slice of £100 000 in funding to get started.

The problems are grouped into 8 main themes:

Theme 1: From duty to opportunity
Theme 2: Good process management
Theme 3: Compliance
Theme 4: Awareness, knowledge & communication
Theme 5: Return on investment
Theme 6: Business priorities
Theme 7: Working with others
Theme 8: Organisational behaviour and culture

Please state which theme your ideas addresses.

The challenge ran from 6 March to 1 May 2013 (12noon)


How can we help British business improve environmental performance?

How to reduce costs and make money by separating your waste.

Cleanly separated recyclable materials without any contaminants are greatly sought after by reprocessing and manufacturing companies. Waste which has been carefully separated helps them significantly to reduce their costs, makes recycling economically viable, and is of course good for the environment. However, it is absolutely crucial that the waste materials they receive have no contaminates, otherwise it is of little ...more »


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How can we help British business improve environmental performance?

Mapping Soil Carbon to Improve Environmental Performance

My idea is to use OS mapping technology and straight forward soil sampling techniques to create a carbon map of the United Kingdom’s agricultural soils. I will then use this data as the basis for a carbon offset trading scheme that will create new revenues for farmers, encourage the growth of composting and enable companies across the UK to offset their carbon emissions. The potential is enormous as a 1% rise in soil ...more »


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How can we help British business improve environmental performance?

Streetkleen Bio Project

Streetkleen Bio Project is a practical, innovative solution based around the anaerobic digestion of dog waste to create usable energy (methane) . It will provide the impetus to demonstrate why we should divert dog waste from landfill and transform it into usable energy(methane). Dog fouling has the most negative impact across Neighbourhood Management areas in the UK. Local Authorities despite their best efforts have ...more »


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