Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge

The Happy Crocodile

The concepts of the “Walking School bus”, “Park and Stride” and car-pooling are well understood. We will combine these concepts in an innovative and community-focused service that includes those for whom driving to school is a necessity rather than a choice. The Happy Crocodile is a service that allows schools and parents to plan, create and manage walking school bus routes that provide exercise and fun for primary school ...more »


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Geovation Underground Assets Challenge

Prioritisation of Asset Management

The consequences of burst water mains are exacerbated in areas where there is an identified high risk of surface water flooding and where the areas is a vital transportation node / route. A review of historical information on burst water pipes provide numerous examples of significant consequences to the local environment, due to the high level of surface water risk and intense transportation disruptions. By understanding ...more »


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