Geovation Water Challenge

A Universal Translator for Water Project Information Sharing

A 'Universal Translator' tool to enable proposed and current catchment management and water management project information to be shared seamlessly between all partners in the Catchment Based Approach. Users only need to enter their data in one place to update all existing water project databases and publish OpenData layers for re-use in other systems. This will enable better networking between the wide range of partners ...more »


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How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?

A modern interface to UK-wide planning application data

There is a strong need for a system that combines UK-wide planning application data into one place, to help local communities act on new developments in their area, by giving a whole range of new third-party websites the ability to incorporate planning application data easily. Being able to use this data means that communities are in a much stronger position to influence local neighbourhood plans and housing developments, ...more »


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