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ehab; redesigning housing, neighbourhoods and cities

Ehab is a blockchain based platform which can decentralise the development and financing of residential property. Our platform provides a collaboration oriented ecosystem which allows any number of stakeholders to co-create the housing they need and can afford. This can range from hyper-affordable apartment buildings, to community focused semi-rural developments, to more luxurious custom homes. The key to this solution is that the system is completely flexible, and can be adapted to any situation and utilised by any number or combination of stakeholders.

Individuals, organisations, schools, local government or even whole cities can create a project and associated crowdfunding campaign, to bring together investors and the community to fund new housing developments. All of the homes are built to the highest environmental standard to make the houses truly affordable and sustainable. All the stakeholders have input from the start to make sure the project maximises the benefits for the people who will be living there.

By raising funds from the crowd the project can avoid the higher costs of traditional development finance. The crowd, both local and global, can then share in the profits of the development.

The partners hosted on the platform will all have sustainable or innovative housing development systems, this will help these smaller companies achieve scale and bring their housing technologies into the mainstream, therefore bringing down costs even further.

Built on top of Ethereum smart contracts, every transaction and contract - between all the parties: landowners, developers, buyers, investors, architects, government - gets registered to the blockchain. This makes the project development process safe, transparent and auditable by everyone.

Our vision is to completely overturn the existing order and create a system for housing development which allows people to have a say in how their homes, neighbourhoods, towns and cities are created.



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