How can we help British business improve environmental performance?

Which renewable energy scheme is right for you?

This idea is based around finding out whether a particular business is suitable for different renewable energy schemes and will show the buildings that are suitable using OS Open Data.

For example, normally in order to get solar panels for a roof the buyer would have to let the solar panel company send staff out to have a look at the roof and house properties. Using this information a quote is estimated for price and a decision on whether the house and it's roof is suitable for solar panels is made. This idea will allow businesses to automatically find out whether they are eligible to have solar panels and provide them with motivation to use solar panel renewable energy.

There's also the possibility to show suitability for other renewable energy methods such as wind energy, ground heat source pumps, amount of rainwater that can be collected.

This idea will save the businesses time, effort and money in finding out which renewable energy methods may be suitable for their business.

This idea could also provide insight in possible renewable energy payment schemes for business, where if there are buildings close to each other that are all suitable for a particular type of renewable energy, the cost could be shared between the owners and different businesses related to the buildings. This will offer an advantage and motivate businesses to take part in renewable energy schemes.



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