Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge


Out of town semi industrial and logistic estates could be revitalised with an ingenious scheme whereby key workers would live within easy to assemble pod type homes situated ‘within’ empty industrial units that are not leased. The landlord would assign units across to a 3rd party not for profit ‘enablement co’. Modular homes would be kit assembled inside each warehouse, max 2 bedrooms, they are kitted out with the key essentials and those who cannot afford the rent in town would be key to rent a unit, they could (as an example) be on a 3 month recurring rent cycles with 90 days notice eitherway. The units would be made from environmentally friendly materials, insulated, plumbed and electricity would be via the industrial unit and meet H&S compliance and regulatory requirements. Key workers would be nurses, police, teachers etc.. An example of an industrial unit would be typically 20k sqf. units, 70% available for modular property, the 30% not suitable, this would give over 25 modular homes on one level at 500sqf each. Modular homes would be built off site and final assembly within each industrial unit. Services would be supplied to each property and to assist PV panels would provide an extra level of sustainability for WareHAUS residents. We have researched the modular element and a ‘huge’ search engine Co is keen to lend its ideas to support.... later ideas would be the use of hydroponics to enable rapid vegetation growth within each modular setting.



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