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The Poop Idea

Human waste (for lack of better terms), poo and waste water, can be great resources to the natural environment around us. Our poop can act as a highly nutritious fertiliser for our gardens and our waste water can provide them with the water they need. By increasing the use of recycling waste systems it also reduces the pressure on sewage treatment plants; reduced smell, reduced leakage, reduced pollution potential. All things which become increasingly more frequent problems as areas become more densely populated.


Our idea is to develop a platform, in website or app configuration, to help individuals and businesses assess the potential for a recycling sewage management system, and after the assessment would help them source and implement the system.


There are a variety of different systems ranging from a small scale composting toilet to an entire sewage system hooked up to your own natural treatment tank and garden. The platform would cater on a case by case basis and potentially offer services for spreading or collecting your compost as needed. For a larger scaled site, new green space for the public can be created. The assessment would include a mapping element to determine the area of greenspace (using the OS total greenspace layer) associated with a business or individual to determine how much compost would be required. This, combined with an estimate of compost likely to be produced, would help determine the ideal system required.


For businesses a map illustrating existent recycling sewage systems could be provided to see where and who has already implemented the system.

Finally, the platform provides a ‘seed to forest’ service so would aid in maintenance alerts, and situations where compost needs to be disposed of or spread over green space.



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