Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge

The Nature of Business

To transform a large traditional industrial estate which sits adjacent to the new Mersey Gateway Bridge into a cleaner, greener model that other industrial estates could replicate. There is a disconnect currently between the industry on the estate and the wonderful green spaces surrounding it - the estate is on the edge of the Mersey Estuary which is a designated area for its wetland value. Our proposal is to connect the two through an holistic approach based on a series of interlinked activities including: building waste minimisation into production processes; introducing low carbon energy solutions/more efficient equipment; making improvements to the green spaces surround the units through the introduction of green gyms, quiet areas, wildlife corridors etc; to introduce a series of lunch time walks with a local ecologist; to introduce staff release schemes to engage in heritage skills such as beekeeping (we anticipate the estate could eventually be making its own honey!) and willow weaving at the adjacent Norton Priory Museum; to develop the currently underused Wigg Island Visitor Centre which sits adjacent to the estate into an eco-innovation centre. All this will make the estate a better place to work, creating healthier and happier staff through the promotion of wellness.



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