How can we help British business improve environmental performance?

The 'Green' Contest

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and business’s environmental performance is a key influencing factor regarding the purchase of its products or services.


Novel visualisation of environmental impact indicators such as energy usage overlaid onto OS Maps will surface this type of information, allowing consumers to view in a spatial context, the ‘environmental performance’ of businesses. Beyond the consumer, businesses can view this information to see how they fare against their competitors.


As a result, businesses will be incentivised to reduce their environmental impact through competition. Being part of this scheme would be beneficial to businesses as it demonstrates their interest in the environmental implications of their organisation to their consumers, and fits in with long term goals of reducing and managing their environmental impact.


Environmental performance indicators (EPIs) may include, but are not restricted to, waste production, energy usage (kWh), carbon emissions and recycling efforts. It is proposed that tools be developed to assess environmental performance and to visualise this information in an online open GIS.



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