How can we connect communities and visitors along the Wales Coast Path?

The Dolphin Coast Artists Path

Based on the idea of the Japanese viewpoint. where, for instance, the 'Philosophers Path' Kyoto with its temples, shrines and memorials have points to view the cherry blossom of Spring, the greens of summer, maple reds in Autumn, snow in winter. It has become one of the most important tourist spots in Kyoto . For here, you walk and stand at the right place to view the harmony and beauty of nature where all things are impermanent, imperfect and incomplete.

On the Dolphin Coast Path we have the blossoming of the gorse and the first flush of thrift in the clear light of Spring or the heather in Autumn sunset, mists rolling up from the sea and so on through different times of the year. Besides this we have here Carreg Wastad ( 'the Invasion'), Strumble Head, the lighthouse, views to Ireland, Cardigan Bay and Dinas Head and across to the islands,Ynys Onnen and Carreg Onnen, Garn Fawr, John Piper’s Studio, 'Dewi Emrys', resident porpoises, choughs, atlantic grey seals, fulmar and kittiwake nesting sites, petrified forest and surfers. `Melin Tregwynt ... ...all from Goodwick to Abercastle.

Events would happen at viewpoints which would then be documented in different ways, for example, musicians, singers playing to seals, tideline sculpture or outcomes from workshops, led by artists, to engage young people in the area in collage and sculpture work.

The Strumble Head Lighthouse point would link into a virtual Photographic/film Gallery.



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