Geovation Underground Assets Challenge

Securing Utility Assets

One of the biggest causes of failure is due to theft and vandalism. In 2009 an estimated 90,000 people were left without electricity in North Kent due to vandalism . A lot of the UK assets are in remote and vulnerable locations that attract anti-social behaviour. Thames Water estimate that they spend 1.2M on replacing stolen fittings .


This proposal intends to create a geographic information application capable of being integrated into corporate utility geographic and work management systems. It would use a variety of sources to determine the statistical risk of vandalism and theft to assets. This would also provide information in order to risk assess operatives visits to vulnerable locations.


The proposal will estimate the risk and impact of these events and display them geographically. The application would also allow recording of additional utility specific events of vandalism and criminal events with their economic and social impact. This information would be used to update the risk model and can also be shared with interested partners such as the regulators, insurance and law enforcement agencies. This could provide an intelligence led approach to protecting important assets and people.




1. This approach would take a statistical approach to asset the risk of vandalism and theft and so determine the appropriate level of investment in physical security at each asset location.


2. Investment planning on security will be justified with some statistical evidence.


3. On real time basis operative could be given warnings of possible personnel security issues.


4. Improved data sharing between partners.



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