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Recyclopedia – taking the pain out of recycling.

Recycling of food and product packaging is a simple and widely accepted way for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint and their consumption of finite resources. Local authorities in the UK provide recycling services as part of their routine waste collection.


However, there are confounding factors surrounding domestic recycling:


• Not all materials are recyclable.

• Packaging is often made up of various components in which some are recyclable, some are not, and some can be composite materials which prevent a usually recyclable material from being recycled.

• Local variation – some materials can be recycled in some areas and not in others.


These factors create confusion which requires effort in order to resolve. Given the busy nature of modern life, this often – understandably - results in a path of least resistance attitude, which results in recyclable materials being sent to landfill/incineration or non-recyclable materials being sent to recycling plants.


The Recyclopedia service will provide an instant and frictionless means for users to determine what can and cannot be recycled via a central database and API linked to local authorities and their subcontracted waste management companies.



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