Geovation Greener Smarter Communities Challenge

Portable modular green ecosystems

The project concept is to bring nature and green environments to areas where normally there is limited access to them. The portable modular green ecosystems project is a way to bring temporary greenness to sites.


The concept is that self-contained modules comprising of a complete ecosystem can be placed on a site or location transforming it instantly into a green space. The self-contained modules can be just as quickly removed and relocated to somewhere else. The self-contained modules are designed to allow them to be locked together creating larger green ecosystems. There will be a range of self-contained modules with different types of ecosystems in them, for example;



grass meadow

tree spaces

wild garden


The self-contained modules would be autonomous, within each unit there would be watering, feeding, drainage systems, these would be maintained and serviced by the self-contained modules company. The self-contained modules would be linked remotely to the company’s system allowing the company to monitor the health and the condition of the units.


Possible target audiences:

Brownfield sites

Schools, college, and other education institutes

Events, festivals, and shows.

Public spaces (councils, corporations)

Land and building developers



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