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National database of support services

I would like to create a national database of support services. This would be an expansion of the databases that individual local authorities currently have - except service providers can request to have their own organisation details added to this database. Also, this is a national database. The requirement for new services would be that they are set up to help disadvantaged and vulnerable people. The database would also have a unique search criteria which is based on the assessment methods used by social workers and other support services. This database would make the work of social workers and other staff immensely easier (I am a social worker and I have consulted with other social workers who agree that they would use this). It can also be used directly by service users so they can easily find out which services in their area can help them to ease their challenges and burdens. The sorts of services that would be on the database would be accommodation providers, drugs services, food banks and local charity initiatives. Ultimately I would also want the database to be able to gather information about the needs for particular services in different parts of the country, and I would want the portal to be instrumental in facilitating the funding of the development of these new services (i.e. link funders to projects).



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