How can we encourage active lifestyles in Britain?

My Active Travel Challenge: create your own 'heat' map

An online Active Travel Challenge would create a competition between workplaces, schools, Universities, teams and individuals through allowing them to log the journeys they make actively online. They would compete for prizes through real time leader boards, a personal dashboard, and through a virtual journey (i.e. an illustrated journey which would map their progress against a pre-defined route such as climbing Mount Everest or cycling the Tour De France). Participants would log their journey through their smart phone (which would track their movements through GPS).


OS mapping would be used to make the Active Travel Challenge more interactive and engaging, as follows:


1.‘Heat map’ competition: An online OS based ‘heat map’ would visually illustrate each challenge participants’ GPS tracked journey.

2.Annotated OS heat maps: Individuals involved in The Challenge would be able to annotate maps with cycle shops, good café’s and other points of interest, creating a personalised map, tailored to the participant group.

3.Use of OS heat maps in marketing and infrastructure planning: Heat maps would be used online and in posters/leaflets targeted to the ‘community’ (i.e. the relevant workplace, school etc) to demonstrate the walking and cycling routes that people are using to reach their destination. This would be a means of demonstrating ‘safe routes’ and encouraging people who haven’t considered active travel to ‘take up the challenge’. Destinations would also be able to use the information to better plan infrastructure for walkers and cyclists.



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