How can we connect communities and visitors along the Wales Coast Path?

Mobile Treasure Hunt Game (With Augmented Reality)

We aim to attract new visitors to Wales by making a mobile application (GEM) linked to a central web interface to allow challenge/learning games to be developed freely by strategic partners. The games would follow the format of Treasure hunt/orienteering exercises providing an engagement with younger generations. The application would be sold through the android and iphone store for a nominal fee but licenses to create new games would be provided to strategic partners free of charge allowing them to create as many games as they wish. A dedicated Coastal path game could be used to market Wales landscape, culture, heritage and the game will show what coastal and rural Wales has to offer. Each new challenge created would be listed through a central website on a map encouraging users to look for available challenges and treasure in their area thus encouraging people to also take a step away from the virtual world and experience the real world. GEM will offer an advanced opportunity utilizing augmented reality to provide a virtual reality exercise with the real world seen through the phones camera and augmented in the display based on the users parameters. This could be applied to a historical site for example, to allow the players of the game to experience what the site was like in bygone years. GEM will engage with a younger audience to create “ghost hunting” or “detective” style gaming and encourage them to engage with Wales. Once the game was completed the user would be able to integrate with social networking sites to allow them to share their experience and challenge their friends.

Gem would allow the game to offer Welsh Businesses the opportunity to market themselves in the virtual world and gain further benefit from social recommendations and incentivise visits in the real world. GEM would be launched in Wales to encourage young people to visit and par-take part in the challenges. It would be the first game platform of its type allowing operators to create their own content and will offer a mobile game platform in the medium of welsh.



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