How can we encourage active lifestyles in Britain?

Medal Routes Mobile App

Medal Routes is an already established project using OS data to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds throughout Scotland to integrate walking into their daily life. Medal Routes are short circular walks from identified walking hubs (15, 30 and 60 minute) – by October 2014 we will have mapped over 360 routes and created 120 walking hubs throughout Scotland. These routes have all been mapped using Open Street and Ordnance Survey mapping tools. Printed tear off maps and A5 leaflets are available at each hub and also online from our websites and



We would like to apply for funding to introduce a mobile app for the project. This app will make all the routes easily accessible and increase the reach and sustainability of the project. We will also introduce walking challenges to increase levels of physical activity and some useful information and tools.


With an app, the potential reach of the project is huge. Currently with 159 routes mapped to date we are reaching over 16,000 people with printed material but we would like to increase this reach by offering people a fun and interactive mobile app to make it simple to motivate and inspire more people to become active in their daily lives.



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