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Malvern Hills – A Virtual Experience

We will build a 3D interactive map of the Malvern Hills AONB (designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). The map will enable prospective visitors to the area to familiarise themselves with the upland, valley and lowland terrains, walks, bridleways, quiet lanes and all the facilities on offer before they come. When we refer to visitors, we include walkers of all abilities, cyclists, runners and all others who will benefit from exploring the Malvern Hills and commons.


One of the key factors which prevent people from getting out and about is the fear of the unknown, finding one’s way around and confidence in the relationship between locations. Our 3D imaged terrain map will use Google Earth style satellite view of the landscape draped over contours which allows a real world view of the area to be explored, rather than a traditional map. This will enable prospective visitors to explore the Malvern Hills AONB virtually in advance, en route and when here, and to plan a healthy walk or cycle that is specifically suited to their own needs. The map will include a searchable database of graded walks and a wide variety of points of interest (natural environment, historic sites, accommodation, pubs,/cafés, and so forth). In addition to footpaths, the map will also include cycle routes and bridleways. The AONB straddles Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire with good access to the surrounding urban communities, many of whom are not familiar with this rural location.


It will be possible to identify and ‘fly’ along routes around the hills, with points of interest being highlighted. For example, as you go along a footpath a nearby spring or geological feature will be pointed out. In this way, it will be possible to plan a route which suits your ability, while ensuring you get to see sights which are of interest to you.


Once you have planned your walk it will be possible to download it onto your mobile device or to print it to take with you



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