How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?

In My Back Yard (IMBY)

We can all live in better places simply by getting involved.

We all know the empty, unloved corners of our neighbourhoods. It might be that derelict building down the road, the empty garages around the corner, the unused car park at work or even the large overgrown garden next door. Well curse and swear no longer. Whether you are a land owner, a neighbour, a potential self-builder or simply a passer by, you can help kick-start change.


IMBY will promote community development from local people by;

1. Crowd sourcing development opportunities and ideas,

2. Presenting opportunities in a searchable map based format,

3. Gathering local support through Social Media,

4. Connecting land owners with self-builders,

5. Connecting self-builders with Architects & Construction Professionals,

6. Providing funding opportunities that make projects possible.

Our aim is to build stronger communities and stimulate local urban action through participation, empowering residents to make positive change in their environments resulting in increased affordable housing provision and a higher standard of architectural design.



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