How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?

I WOULD LIKE in my area//How can we IMPROVE your area

Many online improvement services are effective but constrained, initiatives such as Fix My Street focus upon issues with existing infrastructure rather than suggestions for improvements. “IWLINM” allows anyone to suggest something new in an unconstrained manner, be it a disabled ramp up some steps, a corner shop to buy newspapers, some tree planting or maybe even a suggestion to rename a street. These suggestions can then be viewed and up voted or down voted by registered individuals. The system would highlight popular or controversial suggestions and organisations or even individuals could then decide to act. They key point is that it is not constrained, an analogy is the online petition site operated by the government. Interested parties such as developers, planners, housing associations, councils, lobby groups, politicians, charities and all sorts of others would be able to see what issues individuals are raising and maybe act accordingly.


Technically it would be a a portal/app where any individual or organisation can label a map with infrastructure or improvements that they believe could improve their lives. An associated site will be developed where any organisation/individual that has an interest could view these requests and act accordingly, either by voting or deciding to take the issue on.



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