How can we help British business improve environmental performance?

How to reduce costs and make money by separating your waste.

Cleanly separated recyclable materials without any contaminants are greatly sought after by reprocessing and manufacturing companies. Waste which has been carefully separated helps them significantly to reduce their costs, makes recycling economically viable, and is of course good for the environment. However, it is absolutely crucial that the waste materials they receive have no contaminates, otherwise it is of little use to anyone and is therefore sent to a landfill site. To achieve cleanly separated waste, it has to be separated early on in the waste stream; this ensures that the quality of the waste actually improves as it moves up the recycling chain. At Element Green Recycling ltd, we believe we can achieve this ‘early separation’ with the vessel in which the public, businesses and organisations use; by publicizing novel recycling bags, bins and sorting containers such as the ‘Green Pod’ and the ‘Rubbermaid recycling trolley’ , which are tidy and practical solutions to this problem. As a result, we aim to help the reprocessing industry benefit from good quality recycling materials which in turn will become revenue; help business’ and organisations improve their eco performance, whilst also reducing their waste collection fees. Through public participation we also want to provide data on what, how, when and where the public can recycle the waste they have separated in their council, using the Ordnance Survey map. Eventually we would aim to use this data to advise the councils on what improvements they can make to help make recycling second nature.



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