Geovation Underground Assets Challenge


Field operatives need a simple tool to interpret complex and inter-related datasets when locating assets, and in particular when trying to avoid strikes.


Using Microsoft's 'Hololens' as a basis, this device would allow those in the field, irrespective of their IT skill level, to see through the ground as the Hololens overlays CGI with the real world in real time.


This would enable them to assess the best course of action, and due to the nature of the device and geolocated data, to share the assessment with other professionals in disparate locations. Others can also manipulate the data and indicate in the CG space.


The device can be used with other technologies that will generate sub-surface data (e.g. ground penetrating radar, magnetic surveys). As data becomes increasingly digitised and accuracy increases so will the ease of use, accuracy and effectiveness.


Once developed the device would also find applications in the natural resources sector, surveying, teaching (e.g. Geology) et al.



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