How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?

Holistic House Search : Thinking beyond the purchase price!

The affordability and suitability of a property should be measured in more than simply it's rental or purchase value and we intend to create a web-service that does just this.


For example, it may be that by living 2 miles further from work housing costs (rent, tax) are significantly reduced, but transport costs are increased. So what is the overall cost of living in that property over a 10 year period?


Also add into the equation the time needed to travel to work, crime levels, access to schools, hospitals, and the fact you may have two people travelling to work in different places - and you have a complex data and visualisation problem.


The idea is to create a website that will enable users to intelligently search for properties considering factors which contribute to the overall cost and standard of living in that property.


The service will enable users to quickly identify suitable area's for their family & lifestyle that they might not have otherwise considered, thereby opening up new options to potentially more affordable & suitable housing for that family.



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