Geovation Underground Assets Challenge

GeoPharos: Know where you stand

Our idea is to create a map-based digital environment which aggregates, interprets and showcases a diverse range of geological, geophysical and environmental datasets, and identifies high risk zones (hotspots) using physical and geological principles and data analytics. Citizens and organisations will be able to check for subsurface and environmental risk hotspots at local, regional or national scales, allowing them to gauge potential problems and management needs of their underground and above-ground assets.


The proposed solution originated after realising that, outside of a technical office, the common citizen and many organisations have poor awareness of the geological, geophysical and environmental risks affecting public and private assets. However, they face making crucial investment and management decisions on infrastructure, land and property. This becomes even more critical when such decisions happen in the context of the most pressing current affairs - climate and sea level change, rapid urbanization, need for airport expansions, new train lines, real estateā€¦ just to mention a few.


In this sense, we believe that an integrated platform with easy access to this crucial information will empower citizens and organisations to ask the right questions at the right time. It will make the decision making process more expedite, transparent, efficient and informed across sectors, including those with special interests in underground assets.


The product will be based on the following principles:


-o- Integration: Integration of existing, currently dislocated technical datasets.

-o- Accessibility: user friendly and a non-technical language when possible.

-o- Real-time: capability to accept sensor data for real-time monitoring purposes.

-o- Social: The community (users) will be able to contribute to the platform reporting issues and potential hazards as they find them. Social media capability to allow citizen-generated data and insights.

-o- Synthesis: Based on physical & geological principles and data analytics, the platform will identify zones of high risk and assign a score and generate a summary of the issues and potential solutions.

-o- In-depth: possibility of requesting more detailed geological and geophysical assessments via dedicated consultancy services (marketplace?).

-o- Sharing: The platform will have the capability to allow stakeholders to retrofit data and conclusions back into the platform once the in-depth studies are conducted.



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