How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?

Found a Site - Who owns it?

There are countless derelict buildings and plots of land around the country both within urban areas and in rural areas which scream out I need TLC.

As a nation we have concerns regarding greenbelt developments and have a massive housing shortage, but allow the empty house to exist and builing plots within urban areas to become overgrown and unsightly.

many families would jump at the chance to own such a site or building and turn what is an eyesore into a good home if they had both means and methods of purchasing the land or property.


I believe if a government sponsership agreement was in place to allow a family (not developer) to take ownership and develop such sites, whilst commiting to live there, so not just creating profit as a developer would. The plots should be offered on a reduced basis and treated as affordable houseing for families.This would enable the following,

1.Clear run down eye sores up and convert into a well maintained homes. reduce housing shortage. create trade jobs.

4.Create affordable housing.

5.regenerate land into well maintained homes.

6.reduces the need for new developments on undeveloped land.

7.Create opportunities for long term settlement for families.



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