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FoodSpot- an online platform for sharing land and growing food

FoodSpot is a visionary community platform that transforms city centers into hubs of sustainable and local food production.

Via our platform we connect three urban users: (1) growers: people who want to find space to grow food, (2) sharers: businesses or individuals with available space where food can be grown, and (3) experts: those who can provide technical assistance with urban farming or space development.

We do this via a web and app-based platform where users can browse registered spaces to grow food. After connecting a prospective grower with an available space, the platform assists in traversing legal frameworks and securing permissions easily. Users on the platform have profiles and are rated based on dependability, past transactions, experience, and verification steps. The grower and sharer user groups also have access to a directory of professionals when they need assistance with their growing and land-sharing ventures. These professionals form the third user group; the experts. Moreover the platform provides secure payment portals, amongst other features, for all user groups.


FoodSpot is a platform where all the ingredients that make up a ‘homegrown economy’ can be combined. As such, it involves citizens and communities in their local food system, empowers communities to take back control of their own food security, reduces GHG emissions associated with food transportation from farm to table, and in the process greenifies cities, making them healthier and more sustainable places to live.



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