How can we connect communities and visitors along the Wales Coast Path?

Experience Wales

The project proposed is a digitally managed service to support volunteering that provide rich life experiences and sustained memories along with community service around Wales. It will allow young people to build and design custom experiences through an on-line map based management system. Once they have planned their route they will be able to book activities or apply to take part in volunteering opportunities locally to their area. The service will simplify a complex process of locating accommodation, volunteering and activities. It will benefit existing stakeholders with increased footfall and custom.


The project aims to provide new experiences and opportunities by leveraging the All Wales Coastal Path. The site would develop new markets for the tourism industry and engage with the 18 to 30 age demographic that has social media as a cornerstone of its lifestyle. Ultimately the aim of the project will be to significantly increase the amount of volunteer hours over 5 years, add value to the existing tourism infrastructure and create technical employment. A direct beneficiary of the scheme will be the welsh communities who would benefit from an increase in volunteer hours and the younger person by having a on-line dynamically generated CV and microblog of experiences. The holidays would be promoted as an alternative to overseas gap years and an opportunity for intentional students to visit and stay in Wales.



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