How can we help British business improve environmental performance?

Creating an Energy Democracy: The Wasted Energy Network

The Wasted Energy Network is a platform for encouraging inter-business recycling, triggering waste based economies and identifying areas of opportunity for sustainable waste management and energy generation systems. It will be the first mapping system to display, and make connections between, business waste production and the resultant potential for localised energy generation.


Today garbage generation and disposal is still largely unsustainable and energy intensive. With resources depleting and environmental awareness increasing, we, and particularly our businesses, need to change our relationship with waste. We can no longer transport our garbage to other counties, or even other countries, we must deal with our responsibilities locally and make our waste disposal productive and beneficial within the local community. Through assessing the potential for implementing sustainable waste management practices in businesses, this mapping network ultimately looks to develop waste strategies for creating sustainable communities. These communities may be borough wide, parish wide, or even UK wide, but seek to create a links between the waste generated locally and the resultant capacity for energy, food and material generation within that community.



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