How can we help British business improve environmental performance?

CarbonGenie API


Do you know how much carbon you emit getting to work or moving around normally? No? Most people haven’t got a clue…. Averaged out each commuter emits 3.5Kg of CO2 a day – (that’s the weight of a new born baby in carbon). Astonishing. The solution: we should all be far more aware of our emissions from travel.




With 80+% of businesses having 50% of their total CO2 footprint tied up in travel (WWF survey) travel emissions are a really big issue and the next nut to crack in CO2 reduction. Using a simple map interface we can quickly help businesses and consumers see how big their emissions are and act upon them.



Well we’ve already built a good idea only we want to open it up and share it with others. It’s called and is an online platform that calculates the CO2 footprint of work travel, reduces emissions through gamification (changing behaviour) and gives personalised advice for better travel options. We use an interactive mapping system to generate the data which drives the site. A pilot of the service is about to start with a handful of high profile universities …..BUT… we have no money… AND….


We want to open up the core functionality of calculating travel CO2 to everyone and are aiming to develop an API that enables businesses to utilise travel CO2 calculation as part of their products and services. For example event companies could measure travel emissions of their attendees and offer information such as alternative routes or carbon offsetting. Just think of those people heading off to festivals and events this summer….



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