How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places?

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Our whole house, energy efficiency planning tool will empower householders to understand current energy usage and take control of future energy demand.


It will enable householders to take a 'whole house' approach to retrofit, creating an action plan for installation of multiple, complimentary improvements in order to meet 80% energy reduction targets - the kind of levels we need to hit to make our 2050 carbon reduction targets.


It will create an open source home energy planning tool, a repository for energy-related information that is updated and refreshed over time, a tool that lives with the home. It will demonstrate what can be done and encourage long term thinking.


We seek to empower householders and community energy organisations, developing open source and open data tools to help them understand energy use. Creating a better, less fragmented customer journey for householders, increasing all round usability and understanding people's varied motivations for wishing to carry out energy efficient improvements.


What theme of the Housing Challenge does your idea address?: 4. Assets (best use of)


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