Geovation Underground Assets Challenge

5D Underground Infrastructure Mapping

Cityzenith is a key technology partner in the City of Chicago's Underground Infrastructure Mapping project that was recently presented by Chicago CIO Brenna Berman to Chicago Mayor Emmanuel and London Mayor Khan The project aims to develop a new process, data storage platform, and construction scanning tools to create an accurate 3D map of underground utilities in the City. Consolidated and improved data will help utilities better design and coordinate construction in city streets, resulting in fewer accidental damages and reduced construction impacts for city residents. The project focuses on the creation of a platform that enables virtual mapping and coordination for cataloging underground structures, such as water pipes, gas lines, power and electrical systems, subway structures, and telecommunications cabling. The goal is to overcome inefficiencies and costs created by incomplete, paper-based systems to better coordinate underground design and permitting, reduce redundant digging operations and accidental interruptions of service, improve accuracy of utility information and optimize the way this information is obtained.



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