How can we connect communities and visitors along the Wales Coast Path?

‘The coastal mAPP’

We will trial a multi-layered HTML based bilingual app which provides information, advice and opinion on a wide range of features found in a specific section of the coastal path, building up for the user a fascinating and wide ranging body of knowledge.


The app will launch live and be trialled/piloted- maintained and developed- over a 3 month period: this is a live feasibility study. See for a draft visual outline of how the app would look and a possible logo



We have taken the area to the south west of Anglesey as our coastal path pilot area, spanning the coast from Brynsiencyn to Dwyran and including the very special area of Newborough and Llanddwyn Island.


The app is free to all users and will enable users (eg visitors, local businesses, local community) to add information and engage with the site directly through an ‘open source’ area. The aim is to provide a well resourced platform which encourages and facilitates further development and innovation. This app will enable a unique appreciation of place and an innovative way of building local business capacity and community relationships with the Wales coastal path.


After the feasibility study it is expected that the site will remain live, and be well populated by users and stakeholders, and will have the potential for the basic template/platform to be easily ‘cloned’ (replicated, downloaded) for other localities/ stretches of the coastal path. Further funds will be sought to cover future costs of site maintenance, moderation, and development, ensuring long term sustainability of this initiative.


This idea is developed by “The Menai Pilots” – team consisting of IT firm WiSS, local walking tour firm Celticos, regional development consultant Arwel Jones and sociologist Dr Alexandra Plows.



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