Geovation Water Challenge

How can we better manage water use in Britain, sustainably?

This Challenge is now closed. The challenge ran from 1 December 2015 to 27 January 2016 (12noon). The winners of this challenge were:

Refillable Cities
Sustainable Catchments (Natural Flood Mitigation)
Fix our water

Geovation Camp was held at Ordnance Survey, Southampton 4-6 March.

The best ideas won support to research, develop and launch their product or service

The problems were grouped into 5 main themes:

Theme 1: Too little water
Theme 2: Too much water
Theme 3: Poor water quality
Theme 4: Ageing water infrastructure
Theme 5: Water use behaviour

The best ideas were invited into 12 month funded Geovation Programme to include financial, developer, and business support.